Referring to the Foundation of the pyramid can be triangular, rectangular etc. Triangular pyramid known as a tetrahedron. In the tetrahedron, any face can be taken as a basis.
The pyramid is right, rectangular, truncated, etc. regular pyramid is called in that case, if its base is a regular polygon. Then the center of the pyramid is projected onto the center of the polygon and the lateral edges of the pyramid are equal. In such a pyramid the lateral faces are identical isosceles triangles.
A rectangular pyramid is called when one of its edges perpendicular to the base. The height of this pyramid is exactly that edge. The calculations of the height values of the rectangular pyramid of the lengths of its side edges lying everyone knows the Pythagorean theorem.
To calculate the edges of a regular pyramid you need to hold the height of the top of the pyramid to the base. Next, consider the desired fin as a leg in a right triangle using the Pythagorean theorem.
The side edge in this case is calculated by the formula b=√ h2+ (a2•sin (180°
) 2. It is the square root of the sum of the squares of two sides of a right triangle. One side is the height of the pyramid h, the other side is a segment connecting the center of the base of a regular pyramid with the peak of this reason. In this case, the a – side of a regular polygon base, n is the number of sides.