You will need
  • - handle;
  • paper;
  • calculator.
In a square pyramid height is its edge, which is at an angle of 90 to the base. Typically, the base area of rectangular pyramid is referred to as S, and the height, which is also the edge of the pyramid, − h. Then to find the volume of this pyramid, you need the area of its base multiplied by height and divided by 3. Thus, the volume of a rectangular pyramid is calculated using the formula: V=(S*h)/3.
Read the problem statement. For example, given a rectangular pyramid ABCDES. At its base lies the Pentagon, whose area is 45 cm2. The length of the SE equal to the height of 30 cm.
Build a pyramid by following the set parameters. Its base indicate Latin letters ABCDE, and the top of the pyramid . as the drawing happens on the plane of projection, in order to avoid confusion, label the already known data: SE=30cm; S(ABCDE)=45 cm2.
Calculate the volume of a rectangular pyramidusing the formula. Substituting the data and making the calculations, it turns out that the volume of a rectangular pyramid will be equal to: V=(45*30)/3=cm3.
If the problem no data on the area of the base and the height of the pyramid, it is necessary to conduct additional calculations to obtain these values. The footprint will be calculated depending on which polygon lies at its base.
The height of the pyramid learn, if you know the hypotenuse of any right triangles EDS or EAS and the angle at which the inclined side face SD or SA to its base. Calculate the SE side by the theorem of sines. It would be the height of the rectangular pyramid.