You will need
  • - new wooden threshold;
  • - cement mortar;
  • - tile floor.
Wooden new threshold buy in the building market or the store. Remove the old threshold to take it as a sample. Choose a product made of oak, it is more expensive, but will last much longer than the object made of soft wood. Put the new threshold fit to size, and treat it impregnation, stain and varnish.
To fill unevenness generated when you install the second door, prepare a surface to work from. Clean with a vacuum cleaner from debris and dust. Inspect, clean surface to detect cracks and delaminations. Defects need to be cleaned, deep cracks paper over with a solution of non-shrink cement. Remove all loose pieces.
For better adhesion of concrete and screed the surface treated with a primer. If you make a small step, prepare a timbering from boards on its size. Prepare the composition for pouring. Stir the mixture with water this way, as described in the instructions.
Do not exceed the water content in the solution, this tie will lose strength and covered with bumps. Special mix contains additives, which ensure the elasticity of the composition. Mix to a thick dough, to avoid lumps. Use for this work a special attachment for drills or rotary hammer.
Better to spend the solution for 1.5-2 hours, because then it will lose its properties. Pierce bubbles with a needle. Follow your new doorstep within ten days. Dampen the mortar to cement had not been dried before you gain strength.
Put floor tiles on a special glue. Promazhte seams with putty. Outside the front door, which opens directly onto the street, you can lay paving slabs, it wears less.
The nut on the street can be laid out and made of bricks or stone.