If the dog is purebred, then call the puppy York should be in accordance with the rules of the Russian cynological Federation (RKF). This is usually the first name that he assigns to the first host. The name must be a sign of determining the purity of the breed, it must consist not only of the dog name but the name of the nursery, which was his parents and he. Sometimes as a Supplement the breeder selects the name of the mother. There is one limitation - this console may not have the name more than 15 letters.
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RKF rules state that all litters each breeder must strictly be taken into account. Therefore, they are assigned a letter in alphabetical order. Accordingly, the names of all the puppies in a particular litter should begin on this registration. When buying a puppy in the club you have the opportunity to call his own with the letter.
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Big name, which is written in the passport of your puppy – its metric for domestic consumption can be transformed into a nickname is easier, but it is desirable to keep the first letter of the registration of his litter.
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Even if you are very proud of the pedigree of their dog and want people to understand how high its origin, do not choose frilly name, which will then be hard to pronounce, beckoning her to him. In addition, the rules of RFA limit the number of words in the nickname to two. As nicknames for York you can choose English names and words, they will sound quite organically.
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Experienced dog people say that dogs choose their own names. Stop puppy going through a few names. Watch his reaction, maybe it will be clear, when you say any one specific nickname. In the name of the dog you can beat her appearance, perhaps it will cause you to have Association with some objects, animals or people. For York girls is better to choose gentle and melodic name for a boy – playful and cocky. This is quite will correspond to the nature of these cheerful fidgets.
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