Usually there are three kinds of beds: a single bed for one person, single, is designed for one person and double for two. But here are straying from the standard. To determine the desired length of the bed, simply add about 20 cm to the figure corresponding to your height in inches. When the length of the bed you will sleep on your stomach or back, and your feet also won't have to hang down.
As for the width of the bed, there are several options. If you choose the single bed, and this is a good choice for a teenager or guest bedroom, prefer bed Twin X-Long, because its size is slightly larger than the standard - Width 99х203 see Euro-single beds – 90 cm, it is not very convenient for those who often rolls over in his sleep and loves freedom of movement.
Someone single bed seems narrow, it is better to choose a half. Its size is optimal for people who sleep alone, and the width is from 120 to 150 cm Single beds good for newlyweds, accustomed to sleep in each other's arms. European lorry width – 140-160 cm, and the width of a full size American beds from 137,2 to 203.2 cm
Those people who like open space, it is recommended to buy a double bed. It is possible to sleep together, without constraining each other. Width double beds are also different from each other. The narrowest among the double beds are considered to be the model, width 160 cm Width Queen size bed – 180 cm, bed type King size implies a width of 200 cm a couple of inches wider than an American king-size beds, from 203,2 to see 213,36
All standard beds are designed for people whose height does not exceed 190 see more People with high growth needs individual order for the manufacture of bed and mattress. Many factories today prepared to enforce such order of a certain size. Of course, this bed will cost a bit more. In order not to spend extra money, you can buy the longest bed size California King, which is missing the back-foot.