If you have a cat, observe where she likes to lie. Constantly dwelling on your bed, the cat gives you a sign that in this place the bed is really better to remove. Cats are very sensitive to the anomalous zones, and prefer places where such zones are. This can be, for example, an underground watercourse. Despite the fact that pedigree cats have significantly lost their natural instincts, they still can be trusted.
Eliminate places where you do not have to stand the bed. It should not be in the aisle between the door and the window. There is constant movement, and you will hardly be able to sleep if around other troubled members of the household and constantly dropping. Do not put the bed close to the window. Even if you don't live on the ground floor, the danger from Windows, you still instinctively feel. In addition, in the cold of the night from the window blows cold, and a cold. The bed should not be under a chandelier or heavy cabinets.
Pull up a chair and try to put it in different places of the room. Sitting on it, you should see a door, and therefore those who will go into the bedroom. Better if you can control the door and lying down.
For a double bed will provide a free passage on both sides, so you don't have to constantly go through each other. In this case, the bed should not stand close to the wall. Bed for one person, on the contrary, it's best to put it sideways to the wall.
Once you identify the approximate location, think of exactly how to put the bed. According to Feng Shui, it is recommended to sleep head to the North, at the same time, the bed should not be placed footboard to the door. Headboard to the window to put the bed is also not recommended. Best of all, if you have the opportunity to put it obliquely between the window and the door.
You may need to rearrange other furniture. The TV must not be closer than three meters. Remove the mirror if it was in front of the bed. It's not Feng Shui and not bad omens. Reflection in the mirror, and even in the twilight or even in darkness, you will constantly worry and not give quietly to sleep.