Form articles of incorporation, on the basis of which will be supplied with the application for state registration. The document is in writing and contains the signatures of all founders or authorized representatives, and then must be notarized. The text of the Treaty indicates the status of the individual participants.
Make the Charter of the LLP which determines the legal status of a partnership as a legal entity. This document can be made independently or on the basis of the Model Charter of the LLP which is regulated by section 6 of article 17 of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 220-1, dated 22 April 1998 "On partnerships with limited and additional liability". The Charter consists of: brand name, location and address, list of participants, information on the share capital, conditions of reorganization and termination of activities, the order of distribution of net income and other provisions that do not contradict the legislation of Kazakhstan.
Determine the size of the share capital. He formed them sums of contributions of the founders. In this case the share capital may not be less than 100 size of monthly calculation index, effective on the date of registration of the partnership. Contributions can be in monetary form and in securities, assets or land use rights.
Write a application for registration of LLP in Kazakhstan. You need to contact your tax office and get the application form. Complete the document, putting the Charter and the constituent data of the partnership. Pay the fee for state registration of a legal entity. Provide all the documents to the tax office for registration.
Use the services of an experienced lawyer or specialized firms for registration of enterprises in Kazakhstan. The fact that the procedure for registration of LLP does not take much time but requires some legal and accounting skills, especially in the choice of tax regime, opening an account and creating a print.