You will need
  • - dirty linen
  • - Taz
  • - warm water
  • - washing powder
Before washing, sort contaminated linens. Bright things should be washed before dark, very dirty linen after less dirty clothes with stubborn spots set aside for additional processing. Heat water to 40 degrees, pour it into a bowl. Measure the desired amount of washing powder, dissolve it in water. Things in the water can be omitted only when it will stop swimming white specks. Undissolved powder can get in the seams of the product and leave white stains on it.
Do not start immediately rubbing things, leave them in water for a while. The dirtier the underwear, the longer you will have to soak. Don't forget to periodically stir the contents of the pelvis. After 5-10 minutes or a few hours (depending on degree of contamination) visually inspect things. RUB the contaminated place with your hands, you can even use a washing Board. Carefully press the sheets.
Prepare the water for rinsing. Things to rinse after hand washing should be at least 2-3 times. The thing considered well-washed away if the water from which it was removed, squeaks between the toes. The white stuff in the last stages of rinsing can be slightly podsiniy, adding a special solution from a hardware store.
Deferred at sorting things with stains can also be washed by hand. Before washing you need to handle the stain, depending on its origin. If you have difficulty determining the nature of the stain, soak it in a universal type of stain remover Vanish. Add Vanish and directly into the pelvis in addition to the powder. Carefully RUB the stained thing in place. Some stains hand-washing removed much better than the machine, because in this case they made an immediate impact.
Washed and rinsed things hang to dry, do not forget to thoroughly shake each piece. This simple action will straighten things and make them further Ironing.