Installing two or more operating systems substantially increases the reliability of preservation of information, provides more opportunities to recover the computer in case of serious failure. But in that case, if the default doesn't load the system you need, we have to choose it manually and press Enter. However, the order download Windows can be changed easily.
Open "start" - "control Panel" - "System" - "Advanced" - "startup and recovery". You will see a drop down list of operating systems and billed to their choice time. Expand the list and select the OS that should boot by default. The list usually corresponds to the menu that you see when you start the system – for example, if you need a second OS in the start list, here choose the second.
Change the selection time from 30 seconds to 3. Three seconds is enough to make, if necessary, select a different operating system. You can generally clean up the startup list, removing the bird with the string "Display list of operating systems". In this case, you will boot your chosen OS. But this is not recommended, since the collapse of the system or other issues you are able to boot with the second OS.
Do not remove the bird with the string "to Display recovery options when needed". Time display, leave set to 30 seconds. If you experience problems with downloading you can tap F8 and choose from the menu to select recovery. For example, "last known good configuration".
Many users, in addition to Windows installed on the computer operating system Linux. Loader in this case Grub is usually at the start of the system boot menu appears, which is first Linux, then Windows. To change the order, navigate to the file /boot/grub/menu.lst and edit it, changing the name in it OS places. After this change, the default will boot Windows.