Advice 1: How to install a second operating system

The need to install a second operating system occurs when one OS doesn't cope with certain tasks, but the current OSes are still required to perform any work. To install a second operating system in addition to the main real.
How to install a second operating system
First, let's say that the installation of a second operating system on a computer with current OS and one sector on the hard disk is risky. You can lose both the operating system and therefore the documents and files transferred to another drive would be quite problematic. To avoid this from happening, we recommend that you first save all the necessary files on CD/DVD disks and flash drives, then format the hard drive and divide it into sectors, and only then alternately install two operating systems.With the first step it's simple: save all you valuable photos, documents, databases, music and other files on the hard drive and the USB drive because during formatting your PC everything will be deleted.
In the second step you want to format the hard drive and break it down into sectors, or parts. This is usually two parts – the “C” and “D”. To break the Winchester into sections, you will need the program Partition Magic. Write it to disk with autostart. Load the BIOS (press Del / F2 / F8 during computer startup) and then set the boot priority to boot from drive a, save changes. Restart the computer and insert the disk with Partition Magic. In the program menu select quick formatting NTFS; then split the HDD to the desired number of sectors (for example, 2 or 3), preferably at least 50 GB each.
After the operation is complete, insert the disc with the distribution of the host operating system and restart the computer. Will start installing the OS. Select to install on C partition and follow instructions on the screen. After installing the first operating system, restart your computer and insert at this point in the CD with the second operating system. The second OS install is similar to the first, using the hints on the screen, but on another sector – “D”.

Advice 2 : How to install two operating systems on one disk

On one disk of the computer you can install one operating system, and as much as necessary. Usually for games and enough work two operating systems on a single computer. Moreover, it is possible to successfully combine such different architecture systemslike Windows and Linux-like systems. With this combination of systems is required to pre-partition the hard disk into partitions. The installation of a second OS on the disk does not begin before the installation of the boot loader, Acronis OS Selecter. This utility will put in a boot diskand menu to select all available computer systems.
How to install two operating systems on one disk
You will need
  • App Partition Magic, Acronis OS Selecter, bootable CD OS.
Before you install the second OS on your computer, select it under hard disk, space a new partition. To do this, use app Partition Magic or use the built-in fdisk utility most system.
The filesystem of the new partition must match the architecture of the OS you intend to put together with the existing system. So for Windows OS distributed file systems NTFS and FAT-32, and Linux is to ask one of the varieties of file system Ext2fs.
Allocating a separate partition for the new OS, install the boot loader, Acronis OS Selecter to your computer. This utility provides user graphical menu selection installed OS on this computer.
After installation, Acronis OS Selecter restart your computer. When new loaded, you will see a menu where you can select boot options: your OS or boot from disksuggestions. Once installed on your computer second operating system in this menu will display even one item. Thus, you will be able to choose from the two installed systems you need at the moment, and the installer will download it.
How to install two operating <em></em> <strong>one</strong> <b>disk</b>
Reboot and install from a boot CD new operating system in the usual way. After installing the second OS when new upload will appear on the screen selection menu of the boot loader. Select the desired OS you want to load. Now you have two OS on one diskE.
Sometimes after installing a new OS the Acronis loader stops running, and immediately loading the second OS. In this case again in a new OS install Acronis OS Selector. Then restart the computer.
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