You will need
  • tester;
  • - a set of wires;
  • - current source with adjustable power;
  • - frequency Converter.
Connect the motor to a current source of variable EMF. Increase its value. Along with it will increase the voltage on the motor winding. Keep in mind that if we neglect losses in the supply conductors, which are very small, then the EMF source equal to the voltage on the windings. Calculate the magnification power of the motor. To do this, find how many times the increased tension, and lift this value into a square.
Example. The voltage on the windings of the motor was increased from 110 to 220 V. how many times has increased its power? The voltage increased to 220/110=2 times. Therefore, the engine power was more in 22=4 times.
Rewind the motor windings. The vast majority of cases, to the winding of the motor is used copper wire. Use wire of the same length, but with a greater section. The resistance of the winding will decrease and current and power of the engine at the same time increase. The voltage on the windings must remain constant.
Example. A motor with a winding cross-section 0.5 mm2 wound wire with a cross section of 0.75 mm2. How many times has increased its capacity if the voltage value constant? The cross section of the winding is increased 0,75/0,5=1,5 times. At the same time increased engine power.
When switching on three-phase asynchronous motor in single-phase domestic network, increase its useful capacity. To do this, disable one of its windings. Disappear the braking torque generated in all the windings, and the output power of the engine will increase.
Increase the capacity of asynchronous AC motor, increasing the frequency of the AC current flowing through the windings. To do this to the engine, attach the frequency Converter. Increasing the frequency of the applied current, increase the power of the motor. The value of the power capture by the tester operating in the mode of the power meter.