You will need
  • two-component rubber for casting flexible silicone forms, such Pentalist -720, clay, brush, vaseline, container for mixing glue, rubber gloves.
Make clay molds of the head shape of your chosen character. First it is necessary to draw on paper, then sculpt accurately maintaining proportion to your size. Usually a rubber mask worn on the head as a whole or have a back slit for ease of use.
Cover made of plasticine form and separated with petroleum jelly.Connect to capacitance components of the adhesive, mix thoroughly, being careful not to have air bubbles. Compound (two-component elastomer) consists of a paste of the base and catalyst-hardener. Strictly follow the mix ratio described on the packaging. Mixing is required to dissolve the hardener. It is better to use small portions.
With a brush apply the mask form a thin layer of ready mixture of two-component rubber. Wait until air bubbles and the rubber will begin to stiffen. Mix another batch of paste and hardener.
Cover the mask form with several layers of two-component rubber. Make sure that the last layer was done carefully and neatly.
Wait until dry mask, approx 24 hours. Then with a sharp knife cut holes in it for eyes, nose, mouth. Razreshite the mask with paints, glue additional items (if necessary). Make a well in the mask slit at the back and remove it from the workpiece.
Wear the mask will be in 72 hours. Before first use, wash the mask in warm water with soap.