Advice 1: How to remove fat cursor

In English-speaking countries for the name of the label indicating the input position of the next character in the text and other editors, use the word caret and the cursor controlled with the mouse, indicated by the word pointer. However, Russian-speaking users of computers to represent both of these signs use only the word "cursor". One of the parameters from the cursors, which indicates where the next text input character is its width ("fat").
How to remove fat cursor
In many programs, you can include the type cursorand that is used in monitors with a very small number of points of resolution per unit of screen area. This limitation of the capabilities of the monitor is forced to display the cursor in the form of a rectangle, to make it more visible. As a rule, in the vast majority of applications where you can use this kind of cursorand to switch between its standard and rectangular shapes use the same "hot key" - press the Insert key and the cursor will enter its normal form.
If the computer involved is one of the options in the "accessibility" of the operating system, which increases the size of the cursorand for more convenient operation people with low vision, return to normal view, using the control panel of the OS. Press the Windows key and in the main menu, select "control Panel". In the window of this component will find and activate the category of "ease of access Center", and click the link "Relief work with the mouse". In the table "mouse Pointers" page that opens, check the box next to the standard representations of the cursors input and mouse pointer - it is the first in the list and labeled "Normal white". Then click OK and done in the OS settings change will take effect.
You can make the necessary amendment directly to the Windows registry - for example, if the width of the cursorwas changed using any "tweaking", to use which it is now not possible. To do this, start the registry editor press Ctrl + R, type regedit and click the OK button. After starting the program press the F3 key - so you invoke the search dialog in the registry. Enter the name of the key that specifies the width of the cursorand input - CaretWidth. Click OK and wait for the search procedure (it may take several tens of seconds). The editor found the string in the registry and then right-click and select the context menu item "Edit". In the Value field to open the form, you choose the preferred width of the cursorin pixels (minimum value is one). Then click OK and close the registry editor.

Advice 2 : Why the cursor disappears

The cursor mouse may disappear as the cause of the errors the computer software and in case of breakage of the device. To determine the exact cause of the malfunction it is best to have an additional pointing device.
Why the cursor disappears
First check the wire connecting the mouse to the computer and make sure that the ports on the computer are in good condition. Turn over the mouse and check if the optical connector objects. Clean the mouse if required and test it. Also, if you have a wireless mouse model, the fault can be caused by low batteries or weak signal devices, in this case, connect the mouse through the port that remote from it at the minimum distance.Also the problem of wireless pointing devices – their simultaneous use with USB modems. The signal of one device can interfere with the smooth operation of the other, often at the same time the mouse cursor either disappears for a short time, or just freezes and does not respond to manipulation of the mouse. In this case, it is best to connect devices via ports on different sides of the computer also do not keep mobile phone close to the adapter the mouse.If you have a laptop, check to see if the cursor disappears, if you use this device as main. To do this you assign it in the control panel priority in the use and unplug the mouse. If the problem remains, so the whole thing in software. In this case, perform a full scan of your computer for viruses and reinstall the software of the motherboard. Follow also reinstalling the USB 2.0 driver.If you have a desktop computer, be sure to connect the device try to change ports it is connected, and reboot the system. If there is such opportunity, to the connection port of the computer mouse, connect the other device connected in the same way. If in his work, as will be apparent malfunction, the problem is likely connected with the USB interface or PS/2 depending on the type of mouse. Reinstall in this case, the driver of the motherboard.

Advice 3 : How to remove the banner from the screen

The user of a computer connected to the Internet, are probably faced with the same problem as Intrusive or a pornbanner on the monitor. Banners can appear after viewing suspicious sites, the transition to which firewall or antivirus warn them of danger, can be downloaded along with the additions of various programs.
How to remove the banner from the screen
You will need
  • computer;
  • - CD is Live CD;
  • - assistance specialists.
Generally, banners are not minimized or closed, blocking the working space of the computer screen, many of them require you to replenish the account to receive the code, deactivate the banner. In any case, to remove the banner from the screen do not send SMS to short number scams. Code to deactivate the banner, you still do not get it.
The virus infiltrated to your computer in the form of a banner, can have two degrees of its distribution. Depending on this the solution of his problems may differ in degree of complexity. The virus can just "hang" in the form of a banner image, preventing you from properly use a personal computer or laptop. A more complex situation arises when the virus began to encrypt information on the hard disk of the computer, masquerading as a normal program. Thus it blocks the action of the anti-virus and firewall, not allowing them to calculate and remove.
In the first case you have to call in safe mode the task Manager. To call it simply right-click on the taskbar and choose the appropriate menu. Or press simultaneously Ctrl+Shift+Esc. In the menu Manager on the Processes tab, view the names of the suspicious programs, remember them.
Next, clean the registry from virus is found. To do this, open a command prompt: start-Run. If the command is hidden, click the Win icon on the keyboard along with R. type regedit. Next, look for questionable programs and delete them (edit-Find). Then restart the computer. After the restart, the banner should be removed.
If not, it means the virus has started to encrypt information on the hard drive. To remove it from the computer, you will need to use a utility called Live CD. With the help of this program you will be able to format the hard disk at a low initial level. Because the usual reinstallation of the OS and it might not help in the case of encryption of the virus. Insert the program disc into the drive and restart the computer. When the screen appears with the name of the manufacturer of your motherboard, press F8 to boot from disk. Follow the instructions offered by the program Live CD, selecting formatting on a low level.
Useful advice
If you are not confident in their knowledge, it is better to trust the removal of a banner specialists. Usually in every city there are some specialized in this field companies.
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