You will need
  • control gauge;
  • the sensor of pressure of oil;
  • - the oil filter;
  • - mineral oil;
  • - the valves of the crankshaft.
Start the vehicle and drive some distance at speed 40 km/h At reduced pressure oil on the dash will light up a special sensor, which determines the normal performance.
Incorrect operation of the sensor of pressure of oil can cause you to see incorrect information on the engine oil system. So try first, replace the pressure sensor. After replacing measure whether his work standards, stated in the technical characteristics of the car.
The reason the pressure drops, the oil may be clogging the pressure reducing valve. In this case, it must be cleaned. Unscrew it, being careful not to damage, and rinse thoroughly. After installing the valve, adjust with a test pressure gauge.
Check to see if leaking under stuffing box gasket. This is a sign that the crankshaft is worn and must be replaced. If no leaks, but the gauge indicator shows a deviation, the reason lies in the deterioration or malfunction camshaft. Try to handle. Otherwise, the valves need to be replaced.
The reason for low pressure oil may be worn out filter. Replace the oil filter. Then check the quality of used oil. It is better to use mineral. Their thicker consistency will raise the pressure level to the required.