You change your diet. Without reducing the caloric content of your diet even with intense exercise you will not succeed. Eliminate sweets, fatty and fried foods. Drink plenty of water, vegetable and fruit juices. Clean your intestine by eating every day a large portion of raw vegetables, while eating oatmeal and eating a Cup of yogurt.
Download the press. Belly fat goes slow and long, but if you combine diet and regular exercise, it will go faster. You need to pump the muscles of the middle and lower press, so choose the exercises carefully. Hang the feet over the edge of the sofa or the battery and lift the body as high as you can – ideally, the angle between the body and the legs should be straight.
Do "Bicycle", connecting the left elbow and knee of the right leg, and Vice versa. If you're at the same time pull the knees bent up to his chest and lift your upper body sat with his head in his hands, your average press will get a good workout.
Raise straight legs, stretched out on the floor – the body should remain stationary, hands should be free to lie along the body. Each of the activities repeat for 10-16 times is for beginners. Gradually increase number of repetitions so that the muscles worked fat left and your stomach became more prominent. At the time of exercise wrap stomach plastic wrap or wear a slimming belt.
Do massages and wraps. To increase metabolic processes in the cells, activate blood circulation with light massage. Ensure that your hands are moving strictly according to the area of fat that is just below the navel line. It is impossible to massage the abdomen in the lower divisions. Your movements should be soft, smooth, and the use of essential oils will enhance the effect.
Honey massage will help to get rid of cellulite dimples and jets of water tuck the skin and muscles. You can also use the special bottles, which make anti-cellulite massage – lubricate the skin with oil and drive it banks, creating a vacuum effect. After the massage, apply on the skin with a lifting effect to secure the result.