Salted mushrooms in tubs, barrels, glass jars and enameled buckets or pots. To salt the mushrooms were stored for a long time, first and foremost, you need to take care of the clean dishes storage. It is carefully washed, rinsed, sterilized glass jars, and wooden and enamel containers several times scalded with boiling water and dried.
Regardless of the method of salting – and it happens both cold and hot – the mushrooms stored in a dry and cool place at temperature from 5 to 6оС. If your mushrooms in one compact dishes, then this place may well be the vegetable Department of the refrigerator. Otherwise, you will need a cellar. Some store salty mushrooms on the glassed-in balcony, making for this purpose, special insulated boxes.
Closely monitor the temperature, if you store mushrooms in any room. If it is below 5 degrees, the mushrooms can be frozen and, in effect, become brittle, flabby, low-taste. If the temperature rises above 6 degrees, pickles can be sour and become altogether unfit for food.
Every week a bowl of salted mushrooms need to shake or roll to give the brine rinse mushrooms. The brine should cover the mushrooms completely, if it evaporated, it is permissible to add an ordinary boiled cooled water.
If the surface of the brine there was mold in a small amount, it is removed with a slotted spoon. If it appears repeatedly or in large numbers, the brine drained, mushrooms washed with cooled boiled water and pour fresh cold brine.