A win-win in choice of color in clothes – black-and-white palette. But that's not necessarily a white top, black bottom, and, for example, a white dress with an interesting black print, or Vice versa. Complementing the outfit with a red purse clutch, big earrings and wide bracelets, you will create a really bold look. Of course, we should not forget about the shoes.
The ideal option in choosing shoes are court shoes heels black or beige. The optimal heel height is 11 cm taller and not need it, because it spoils the posture. A heel visually lengthens the leg, hide the extra pounds on the hips and gives the figure more feminine.
Effectively dress up every day – not an easy task. But will rescue you of a classic pantsuit, gray, beige, black or Navy blue. Pants and jacket can be worn separately, complementing blouses, shirts and skirts. Of course, in the women's locker room have to be perfectly sitting on the figure's dress. Whatever the style and color that you feel very comfortable.
A suit with a skirt in the English style – also good option of casual clothes. Choosing a nice blouse and matching jewellery, you can even work to look irresistible.
For effective image will not hurt to get a perfectly cut jacket (can be rented from pantsuits) and fashion a Cape.
For an evening out, do not look for overly revealing outfits. Adhere to the principle – the evening dress should discover the most beautiful area of your body, such as neckline, and all other body parts must be covered. If evening dress is a long, high slit can expose the graceful legs. And don't forget about the refined flavor.
Look spectacular you will only be able with perfect makeup. Whatever the means of decorative cosmetics you choose, the quality of your makeup will depend on the brushes and sponges that you use. They are not worth saving.