How to please a girl: the nuances of the image

Rare girl waits for men of perfectly matched wardrobe. But the modern representatives of the stronger sex are able to surprise, often choosing not only practical, but also stylish garments. Joining them in a spectacular ensemble that is able to make a good impression on the girl, keep in mind some important nuances.

Clothing should be not only stylish but also neat. A man in a rumpled but fashionable set will look very careless and messy. Also things should be clean and fresh: try to refuse to wear a shirt/t-shirts and other items of clothing several days in a row, even if no visible contamination. Girls are very attentive and will easily identify that the garment is not worn the first day.

Also be sure to follow the shoes. To impress her, not necessarily to wear/to acquire the most expensive or branded shoes. It is important that your shoes were always clean and tidy. This rule applies to "small" parts of the image, for example, socks. Women's sensitive sense of smell to quickly and easily determine the source of the odor.

Feel free to use accessories. Traditional men's add-ons are watches, small bag/briefcase/purse, cufflinks. Feel free to add your favorite jewelry, such as ring, chain or bracelet of precious metal. For some cases it is useful accessories will be hat, scarf, gloves. Accessories, try to buy expensive and high quality.

How to dress to arouse the interest of girls

To medicati today have the right not only women but also men. Especially noble race for beautiful things becomes, if it is caused by the desire to please a lady. To create a fashionable, noticeable and attractive image, determine which style you like most.

Most modern men prefer to stick to the casual style. In this direction, particularly impressive look unusual combinations. For example, the jeans you can safely combine with jackets, classic jackets, elegant coats. Casual pants will look great with pullovers fine knit, short cardigans, parks. As accessories use colored scarves, leather belts, ties. These images, like most girls.

If you spend much time at work, choose things in a more businesslike style. Girls really like men in well-fitting suits, ironed shirts, classic jackets and coats. To make changes to the image will allow shirts of different colors and using instead of classic office jacket, cardigan or sweater vests.

If your favorite style – sports – you also have the chance to conquer the girl by its appearance. In this case, the main point is neatness, cleanliness and the absence of extended things. Also don't be afraid to experiment: instead of sports wear pants with sneakers, jeans and t-shirt fit the shirt and not the jacket. Many girls love this simple but stylish men's images.