You will need
  • - mounted on the computer program graphic editor Photoshop.
Sketch the sketch of the future of the banner on the paper. Start the software editor Photoshop. In the top menu click on Window, make sure that "Toolbar" is checked (if not, click on the inscription). Then roll the drop-down menu by clicking anywhere on the grey space. Open the image with Ctrl+O (English letter). Press C (English). Activates the crop tool.
On the panel under the top menu you will see fields for width and length, set the size of the banner. Highlight the desired area of the image. Selection drag: move the cursor inside the selection, hold down the left mouse button and drag it to another area of the image. To crop, press Enter.
Add banner text. To do this, press the English letter T on the keyboard. Clicking anywhere on the banner, type the desired text. Switch to any other tool that the text has been preserved printed.
Add stroke: in menu "Edit" select "to Execute the stroke", select line color and specify its thickness in pixels. If you need a shadow, first click on "Window" and check the box next to "Layers". Open the layers panel, where one layer ("background" or the Background) is a cropped image, the second layer is text.
Click the right mouse button on the text layer, select in the popup menu, the "overlay Options". In the opened window click on "Shadow" (shade in one direction) or "Outer glow" (creates a shadow in all directions). In the "Outer glow" click on the box color and choose from the palette needed. Change the blend mode to achieve the desired result. Click "OK" to finish.
Decorate the banner with additional effects. Make the colors brighter: "Layers → New adjustment layer" → "selective color correction" (play with the sliders for better color judgement) or "hue/Saturation". If you need to cut part of the image, find it on the toolbar, the lasso tool and click on the icon with the right mouse button.
Select the magnetic lasso. Put a dot where you want to start the selection, highlight the contour. Highlighting all, you have to go back to the original point. Will be running a dotted line. On your keyboard press Ctrl+Shift+I and press Del to remove the highlighted part. Then press Ctrl+D. Bind all the layers into one Ctrl+Shift+E.
Save the image with Shift+Ctrl+C or in menu "File" → "Save file as...". From the list of formats select JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe), name the file and set quality 12. Click "OK" to save the changes. The file will be saved in your chosen folder.
Add the finished banner in the network "Vkontakte". Use the tips in the wiki markup of the page group, or community, to insert the banner. Save the changes.