You will need
  • - pot
  • - drainage
  • - soil,
  • - a flower.
The first step is to choose the right pot for planting flower, it needs to be slightly larger in size than the previous (3-5 inches in diameter). If you plant the flower directly in the large pot, it can lead to stunted growth of the plant. The best and inexpensive option is plastic pots that you can buy in the store right colors and size. They are very light, and almost impossible to break if accidentally drop the pot. Please note on the bottom of the pot purchased, if there are no holes, do them yourself with the help of sewing, namelennogo over an open fire.
On the bottom of the prepared pot lay pottery shards and any drainage layer. This can be gravel, concrete, Styrofoam flakes and granulate clay. In pots of a small size of the thickness of the drainage layer should be 1-2 cm in large pots – 5-10 centimeters. A few hours before planting the flower in a new pot, pour it properly.
The next step is soil preparation. Today flower shops, you can buy ready-made mixture made for certain types of houseplants. It already includes the required minerals and fertilizers, which favorably affect the growth of flowers, besides, it does not contain harmful impurities and debris. Due to this grounds your bedroom colors for a long time do not need fertilizing.
On a layer of gravel put a small quantity of the prepared soil in the center of the plant flower, store-bought or donated by friends. Mix in the ground and a little seal. Top can decorate the plant, lay beautiful stones around the edge of the pot or sprinkle the soil surface with colored drainage.
Depending on the type of flower, it requires certain care and watering. Find out about this when buying plants. If it likes a large amount of moisture, spray it periodically with a spray bottle. Wipe large leaves with a damp sponge, if it is valid for this flower.