Find a job in the future place of residence. This can be done through various Internet resources. For example, a job listing posted on the city website, Kaliningradand - there are Also other special sites, such as and specially devoted to job search in this city. Send a potential employer your resume or call on the phone. Most likely, the distance of you to find a job will fail, but you will be able to schedule an interview and to come to the city for the day. You can also ask for help in finding employment in the employment service at the place of residence. They engaged in the selection of work not only your, but also in any other region of Russia.
Find suitable accommodation. For the first time, you will need a rented apartment even if you later want to purchase your living space. A wide selection of apartments you can find in real estate agencies or on special sites with ads on transactions with apartments without intermediaries and
If you move with your child, think about structure in a new place. The parents of a son or daughter of kindergarten age need to be ready to find a place in a preschool institution in a new place will be difficult. However, if your new address in Kalinin grad have already known, you can enroll a child in an electronic queue on Poluchenie place in preschool institution on the website of the Committee on education of the city of Kaliningradand To place the child in the school you should pick up the documents from previous educational institutions, as well as receive a certificate of achievement.
After settling of all formalities to purchase the ticket to Kaliningrad. If you fly, no difficulty will arise. If travelling by train please specify whether you need to arrange some additional documents when purchasing the ticket.