You will need
  • Microsoft Office Excel.
Make sure that you understand the main difference between XML and HTML - the first is to describe the contents of the document, while the second aims at the description of the display. In General, the XML format is a method of placing a certain way of organized information in a text document to ensure recognition of the selected data in different programs. Unlimited use of editable tags of this format are designed to enable the definition, transmission and interpretation of information between programs. Stylesheet documents allow to convert selected information in accordance with the contained in these instructions and determine possible methods of formatting.
To look up the desired XML document in Excel without using style sheets. This option will lead to a linear display of the data in the form of a table consisting of headers, which serve as XML tags, and strings with corresponding information. The root file node, representing a first document element, in this embodiment becomes the title of the entire table, and all the remaining tags are ordered alphabetically. Each row in this table is unique and not repeated.
The use of linked style sheets implies the choice of a method of displaying document data. Be sure to use the tag with the value ?xmlversion="1.0"? to be able to view the XML file created in any other application. Failure to use a specified tag displays a text version of the selected document.
Open the Data menu, top service panels Windows Excel to create the web query and select "Import external data". Use the subcommand "Create the web request" and enter the details.