Sometimes there is a need to open any drawingthat was previously created using another program. For example, consider the option of postponing the drawingand autocad. How can I do such an operation? Let us examine successively all the necessary actions.
Actually there's nothing difficult. Those drawingand which are designed in autocad, as a rule, have format AutoCAD DWG or AutoCAD DXF. And in order to open them in the Compass, activate the following options: File->Open->files of Type AutoCAD DXF/DWG AutoCAD and select the desired folder with the file name.
Sometimes it's not necessary to specify the types of files that were listed above. You can choose the option "All files" and find the desired drawing in a folder of their own.
There is another option. Right-click on the desired file, then in context menu select the following options in the order in which they appear: Open with->Choose program->Kompas-3D LT. In this case, the program itself will do everything for you, ie will automatically transfer the necessary drawing in the appropriate format. That is, in principle, that's all. Now you can work in peace.
A small digression. If the drawingher too much, and the files in the folder are in different formats, it is best to use either the first or last option.