You will need
  • - several sheets of white paper;
  • - pencil and eraser;
  • - a computer program (Kitchendraw, Pro100, Woody).
How to make a drawing of the furniture on manageproduct what you would like to see your furniture and how it will fit into the overall interior of the house, also consider functionality of the furniture and material of manufacture.
Consider what kind of furniture and where it will be located, what will be its size and color. To do this, scroll to the appropriate journals and images. Prepare several sheets of white paper, a pencil and eraser. For each of the types of furniture you will need your sheet.
Develop a drawing ofher, which will be designed in the furniture. Apply strokes should slightly push, so you can always erase and correct the option.
Clear measurements of the space to house furniture and start creating a drawingbased on the dimensions, indicating them directly on the paper. It is important to specify the size of even the smallest details, and the gaps (if any) between the items, label all holes for hinges and fittings.
How to make a drawing of the furniture on computerassociates on your PC special program for designing furniture. This can be the Basis-the furniture, Kitchendraw, Pro100, Woody and others.
Install and run the program. Select a set of standard furniture and indicate the subject that interests you. Print by clicking the corresponding button object in three-dimensional space. Set the options of size.
Mark all the holes for fittings and specify the features of joints (hinges, glue, etc.)
Rotate and tilt angles of arbitrary magnitude. Thus, if you change the fitting size or moved their axis, the program will automatically change and adjust the angle of arbitrary magnitude.
Select the texture and material of manufacture. The finished drawing must be split into explosion image that will show all the details of construction separately. This will help later when assembling furniture. All output image-the drawingon paper. The program will automatically put all of these dimensions.