You will need
  • The Jack, spare wheel, wheel wrench "to 19", the pump.
First, you need to put the car on the handbrake. It is also desirable to squeeze the clutch and turn on the second or third speed in order further to keep the car. For greater certainty, especially if the vehicle is on an inclined road, it is possible to enclose under wheels of something heavy (rocks, bricks) against the possible rollback of the machine.
Then it is necessary to weaken bolts of fastening of a wheel. This is done using a special wheel bolt wrench (usually used bottled key "on 19"). On most cars that all four of these bolts, but sports cars can be more. The initial force on the key is usually by foot, and then the bolts can be loosened and the arm. Most importantly do not remove the bolts at this stage fully.
Next, you need poddomkratit the car from the side prokolovsheysya wheels. To do this, substitute folded a Jack under the specially reinforced part of the bottom of the car (poddomkratit). Initially supporting the Jack, you need to begin to decompose. When the car will fall firmly at the feet of Jack, you can safely continue to raise the car. Need to raise it up until the wheelyou want to replace, will not spin freely (check by scrolling it by hand).
Once the car is raised, remove the wheel bolts (after loosening this can be done by hand).
You then need to remove the wheel from the hub.
Next you need to put the spare wheel. It must get into two guides.
After this it is necessary to tighten the existing wheel bolts (from hands).
Lower the vehicle to fold the Jack).
Tighten the wheel bolts using wheel bolt wrench (to tighten the foot also, but not tearing the thread).
If the spare wheel is lowered, you need to pump it.