You will need
  • money.
  • premises;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - overlock;
  • - materials and fabrics;
  • - the equipment.
The first step is taking time to reflect and to choose a specific direction in the manufacture of clothing and strictly follow the trends of the fashion world, otherwise your line will not be as successful. Make a selection on what price the audience will be calculated in your future shop exclusive clothes.
Note that you will need a lot of workers: the artist - designer of clothesthat will create thumbnails. He needs to think abstractly and to be able to emphasize with clothes , all external data. The fashion designer, who designs clothes. Run your own business and make clothes – quite difficult. So think about who will produce patterns according to your designs. It should deal with the seamstress or tailor.
Make a business plan that will take into account all your costs for materials, rent, equipment, salaries. Carefully read the basics of financial reporting, visit the courses of merchandising. At first it will seem all very complicated, but in practice everything is much easier.
Select the room where you will be sewing clothing, and where it will continue to be implemented, it is not necessary to save and to spare money. It must be, above all, quite a passable place, albeit with a small area, but in the successful shopping center. Dial employees who are to be as polite with customers, depends on the success of your business. Provide maximum comfort to its buyers.
To promote your own brand in the fierce competition is not so easy. The market of goods and services is oversaturated with all sorts of suggestions. So do not expect that your case will go to success in the mountain. Perhaps the first time will have to work even at a loss. Don't forget about seasonal sales, it's a great way to not only quickly make money but also to sell the old line of clothing, which at this moment was not so fashionable.