Decide what you want to produce. What is already a niche, the easier it is to push your future brand. For example, to make a luxurious wedding dress or an inexpensive classic men's suits better than women's or men's clothing.
Rate deals on the market – it may be there are gaps. Don't make the product yourself – think about what will be in demand. Note that you can repeat the success of the entrepreneur who already operates some kind of original idea, not likely to succeed. Find your own flavor.
Come up with a resounding name for my future brand. Contact Agency for naming – the name of the brand is too important to skimp on this item. A good name will help to create the advertising concept and reduce the cost of promotion.
Write a detailed business plan promotion. Determine how many collections you will produce, what materials to work out how many staff you'll need. Get permits and register your trademark.
Find investor. Manufacturing clothes requires constant bailouts, and the return on the business under the best of circumstances, expect only a year or two. Choosing investor make him the agreement, which must check the lawyer. Do not limit yourself to a verbal agreement – if there is any disagreement, well-formed paper will help to resolve it.
If you are starting a business with a partner, sign a contract with him, which will be painted the rights and obligations of all participants in the business. Clearly specify the rules for the distribution of profits, responsibility for errors or other important moments.
Employ the staff. Even if you are good with stitching, you'll need dressmaker and cutter. Subsequently, the staff will have to expand. Decide who will address issues on procurement of tissues, finished products, advertising and promotion. Do not take these tasks on yourself. A business leader is able to cope with only one or two functions. Pass the routine in the right hands.
Do not rush to rent an office is an unnecessary expense. Seamstresses and the cutters can work at home, managers also prefer to control the process from a home office. Meetings with potential buyers and suppliers spend on their site.
Conclude contracts with suppliers of fabrics and accessories. Do not limit yourself to one, even a reliable partner. Constantly explore the market in search of new, more interesting and lucrative offers.
Locate stores that carry your products. This item is very complicated for beginners, which retailers do not want to deal with. Consider best offer for stores – discount program own advertising campaign. In the matter of implementation may help an experienced marketer, having the possibility of entering the first persons of retail chains. Consider the Internet-trade and cooperation with the visiting regional fairs.
Strictly control the production process. The problem with many aspiring entrepreneurs – the unstable quality and the failure discussed in advance of supply. Make sure that the model of the new collection have always been available to order in the right quantity.
The most important thing is to inform potential customers and consumers. Your brand needs to know. Make a creative and visually rich web site. Spend a professional photo models. Print colorful booklets. Do not skimp on materials – the quality of materials should be the highest that you can afford. Participate in industry panels and fairs, do the catwalk presentations of restaurants, shopping centers, clubs. Tie contacts with representatives of mass media. Expand the team by attracting a good photographer, regular models, marketing, artist, advertising specialist.