You will need
  • - the book of income and expenditure or other documents confirming these operations.
  • calculator.
For calculating taxthe new base it is best to rely on book income and expenses. If you complete it in a timely manner, as to be entered in her operations, as required by law, likelihood of confusion is minimal. Otherwise will have to bring all proof of income and, if necessary, take account of costs.
If your property tax isoblozene income, simply add up all income for the period (usually quarter or year). This will be a taxoobagooma base.
In the case of the difference between revenues and expenditures will require a couple more arithmetic operations. First you have to lay down their expenses. And the resulting amount is deducted from the total income figure. What happens in the end, will be the amount that you must pay the tax.
When you are aware of the taxoobagooma base, you need to divide this figure by 100. Multiply the result by 6, if the object of the taxof oblozene - income. But if the difference between them and the costs - for 15.
You can just calculate the interest using the appropriate calculator function: 6 in the case of the income and 15, with the "income minus expenses".
Figure that happens in the end, is the amount of taxand, subject to payment.
But it could be nothing. If you during the quarter, which is considered a tax, and paid a fixed social security contributions, it may reduce their tax, but not more than twice.
To do this, divide the amount of sales taxand two. If it is greater than the value of your contributions, subtract it entirely from the amount of taxand payable. If equal or more, you should pay exactly half of the owed tax.