To find out what line in the search engine "Yandex" is your website, use one of the many online services that provide such services. Some of them do this for a fee, others allow you to receive such information free of charge. For example, try the following free resources: or
Please note that there is no such thing as a "position" in one or another search engine, you can only know its position at a certain, absolutely precise request. For example, you can find out what the account will link to your website www.мойсайтпроденьги.рф the response of "Yandex" on your request "what are money" or any other, includes key words to the content of your web resource.
Open one of the above sites, enter your web address, the query words (there may be several), and then specify the region code, which takes into account "Yandex". For example, if you want to know what position in the search query your website will see the inhabitants of Moscow, enter the code 213; users of the Kaluga region – 10705 etc. the List of codes can be viewed on the same page. Submit the request by clicking the button "Check". In response you will receive accurate information at the moment.
If you are interested in the position of your blog in the "Rating of blogs of a Runet from Yandex", open the page Here you will see a huge list of blogs, sorted by popularity. The rating takes into account as a stand-alone web resources, and journals of the blogging platforms such as Livejournal, Liveinternet, etc. Enter the address of your blog in the box and press the enter key. So you recognize your position in the ranking, will see the number of its readers and a measure of credibility to the project.