In order to know the rating of your site in your search engines for a given query, there are many different online services and programs. Choose in its sole discretion that any the most convenient and functional one. Presented here are the base resources for this will be enough.
Check out the website through the service "" It determines the position of the website on ten queries 9 search engines: the "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "" and "". If the resource for whatever reason, you will not do, to determine the TCI (thematic citation index), as well as to set the depth of the analysis of the website through the service "Simcreator" (
Determine a rating for Registration will allow you to obtain a wider range of services. Checked the position of the site in the system- "Google", "Yandex", "Rambler" and "AltaVista". Here the depth of search up to thousands of items, and for Rambler and Yandex max 500. Or you can check the age of the domain, and to produce a comprehensive definition of the position of the website on search queries using the service
Define the queries six search engines "Google", "Yandex", "Rambler", "Yahoo", "Oporto" and "" via Here you can also, without any registration, at the same time to check the citation index and PageRank page or site. Registered customers will have access to wider services. Also determine the position of your resource and predefinovat the TIC and PR on a fairly large number of search engines have the ability to sitex or
But even in the network there are special free and pay programs for the analysis of visibility (position) of the website in search engines. Take advantage of them. Here you can easily get all the necessary information about their siteProgramme Usmanova ( — very light and comfortable, updated constantly. It is called "Site-auditor". Also there is a program "Webloganalyzer" ( . Use it and you will receive the highest quality rapid and controlled registration in any information resources of the network, it also determines the position of keywords in search engines. But the program paid.