Pay attention to the shape of the bowl and its design. According to your taste you can choose a wall-mounted toilet oval, round, convex, or rectangular shape. Also look at the color scheme of this sanitary products.
Follow the measurements of the toilet, as it may be too large if you have small bathroom. Thus take into consideration that although hanging bowls look tiny, but they do not save space. This is due to the fact that most often the cistern hidden behind a false wall. Occasionally it can be mounted in a special niche located in the wall.
Pay attention to the material from which made the toilet. Today you can buy many models made from different materials. For example, it can be glass, plastic or cast iron, but the most popular is ceramic. If you want to purchase ceramic toilet, decide whether it is porcelain or China. Although both materials are very strong and durable, but some of their characteristics differ significantly. So, for example, if you want to choose wall-hung toilet, which will be good to wash, get porcelain.
Of paramount importance for the longevity and reliability of equipment plays its design. So be sure to carefully keep an eye on its quality. The best are German and Italian manufacturers. However, if your financial situation does not allow you to make such acquisition – choose options combined. For example, many firms in the alternative, offer the frame with the lines and tank, made in Italy or Germany, and the toilet – from other manufacturers.
Choose a system flush and drain the tank. So the drain system can be vertical, horizontal or under angle. When choosing, consider the what type has communication in your home or apartment. Regarding the choice of the toilet tank, it should be said that this type of bowls they come in two varieties. First mounted on the bearing wall and the other to any thin surface.