Decide which installation method is suitable for you best. This can be a installation of the toilet right on the tiles or with the use of taffeta. Typically, these methods are suitable for bowls, have a seat. If you want to use the second method, check the condition of the old taffeta. To replace it does not represent any complexity.
Take an appropriate sized Board from moisture proof wood and on the back side of the tamp a few nails. They should stick out of the Board at least a couple of inches. Pour in advance under the toilet place concrete and drown in this Board. Once the design hardens, using mounting holes screw the toilet to the taffeta.
Equipment installation on the tile is a little different. Swipe markup and "fitting" of the toilet. To do this, set it on the seat, connect the issue with the bell of the sewer pipe with adapter coupling or rubber ring. Be careful: the issue of the toilet must be located above the hole of the pipe, not above it.
Mark on the tile the places where are located the holes for mounting. Move the bowl to the side so he does not stop, and drill the marked holes, and then hammer the dowels.
Set the toilet into place and connect it to the discharge pipe. All joints seal with silicone sealant. The toilet tank connect the cuffs. Flush valve install according to the included instructions from the manufacturer.
Use the following installation method if you want to put the usual Turkish toilet designed for use on the squat. Install siphons, sewage fittings and pipes according to the future location of your bowls. On the sides of the bowl, under the lugs, put the pedestal with the supports so that the hole coincided with the opening of the trap, and she would lie on the support. All cavities and crevices fill compacted sand on top and pour cement mortar. After the design solidifies the bathroom, you can surround ceramic tiles.