Consider the budget you will allocate for choice of toilet. Or, maybe you do not want to spend the extra money and can do it all yourself? That will be easier to buy ready - made, but the bulk of the design and to carry out of town,or to build a toilet? Try to take into account the opinion of all who also have to use the toilet, especially if your family has small children, the elderly or the disabled.
If you decide to build a toilet themselves, select the place in accordance with sanitary norms: minimum of 25-30 meters from boreholes and wells. If the site is sloped, then the toilet must be located below the clean water. Also, consider the wind direction, so the smells of the closet is not spread all over the yard. You must effectively isolate the cesspool, ie will have a lot of digging. Have you decided where? Now more about what you can do yourself, depending on the depth of groundwater.
If groundwater in your area are deeper than 2.5 m, toilet with cesspit or type backlash-closet. For both options, the ground part of the toilet (restroom) is built of wood. Backlash-closets can be built only with the possibility to periodically flush the cesspool septic system machines. If your country is impossible, choose a toilet with a cesspit.
If the depth is less than 2.5 m, you can build a country toilet-type of powders-rest rooms. It is usual cesspool under the toilet seat is installed watertight container. You have to pour it as you fill.
If funds are available, complete toilet cabin. They function any time of the year, even in winter temperatures down to-50oC. The standard volume of the storage tank can withstand more than 500 visits. Cons - the probability of an unpleasant smell, high cost and the need for additional maintenance (periodic emptying of the tank). Do not forget to add to the cost of the cab pay for the transportation.
If you don't like the separate toilet on the street, buy a composting toilet. Choose from three basic types - chemical, peat or electric. Peat will minimize the risks of contamination of your garden and help fertilize it. With the chemical you will have less trouble, but there is a danger of poisoning with chemicals. Electric safe, but require a connection and periodic cleaning.
Also, you can drain yourself or with the help of experts. Then choose a toilet for your cottage or country house you will be able by the same parameters as for city apartment.
More specifically specify your wishes regarding cost, security and ease of use in the future. You can write on the paper the basic requirements. This will help you to Orient in a huge variety of options and don't forget to ask the seller about the relevant details (cost of transport, maintenance, tank volume, temperature range and more). Good buy!