Active position plays a critical role in creating a positive reputation. Do not sit somewhere in a corner waiting for someone else's instructions, and independently go to meet people and new cases, take the initiative, start the conversation first. Activity is what primarily will raise you in the eyes of the team.
Be confident and don't be afraid. Fear – the main enemy of your reputation, because it paralyzes you and stops on your way to great things. You should be afraid to remain in the shadows, but not their actions.
Start offering instead of asking. Actually, forget the requests and such speech turns as "could you", "you will not be difficult" and so on. But your offer must be so, you can't refuse, so plan everything in advance, weighing all the "pros" and "cons".
Responsibility and discipline are those qualities that you must cultivate. If you're given a word, you need to keep it. You should not be any penalties regarding punctuality and diligence. If you want to have a high reputation in the team, you have to become to some extent an ideal role model.
Not valid emotional outbursts, tantrums, complaints, grievances and other qualities which are peculiar to children. If you raise your voice at people, don't expect their feelings for you will be filled with respect, most likely they will form an impression about you as unbalanced person.
Be competent in those matters which they say. Today all the information is very easy to check in a short time, and if one day you will Express something that has nothing to do with reality, do not expect that in the future you will listen to.
Be positive, it should read from your face is relaxed and open. Listen, don't interrupt, be respectful to every person, then your mistakes and failures will be perceived by people more gently, because you did not build hard know-it-all, and spoke on equal terms, was friendly and attentive. In this case, your reputation will grow and will start to work on you, and your task will be its further maintenance.