What are the dangers of a rude awakening

Catching a Wake-up call, the brain throughout the body transmits impulses, demanding an urgent lifting. Panicked, the adrenal glands emit an overdose of the stress hormone adrenaline, which, in turn, reduces the blood vessels and forcing the heart to beat at maximum speed to disperse the blood. Instant transition from the lying position makes the muscles literally shrink into a ball. Joints and spine are in a relaxed state, from a sharp rise every time you get a traumatic axial impact. The result of such revivals can become compression of the intervertebral discs, Microdrive, hernia and muscle hemorrhage.

Part of the brain does not have time zones so fast to Wake up and is disoriented. That is why in the morning all the usual actions are slower and require much more effort. This morning stress becomes a cause of inhibition, slowness, inattention, sleepiness and bad mood that will accompany the person throughout the day.

How to make the morning pleasant

If you start your day off right, you may find that morning is not running and fussy fees, and the most productive time of day. It is much better to sacrifice a few minutes of sleep and Wake up a little earlier, than to subject the body to stress because of the possibility to be late for work, school or an important meeting. Free time you can devote a pleasant thought, planning the day, reading interesting literature, communication with other people. In addition, to get out of bed, knowing I don't have anywhere to run, and you can safely go about their business, much nicer and easier.

To Wake up without an alarm clock, trusting their biological clock, it turns out far not at once and not all, so it makes sense to make friends with him. Don't bet on alarm a sharp loud noises. The choice of music is individual, but it should be liked and cause positive emotions. It's better when the alarm clock will not serve the phone, and the watch some interesting design.

The ideal location of the alarm – a few steps from the bed. Then you will need to get up to turn it off. But not to have developed an unconscious habit: I got up, turned off, went back to bed, you better each time putting it in different places, changing height levels: rack, floor, table. You can ask someone to hide the alarm clock, and beside him and a glass of water. 200 – 300 ml of pure cool water, drunk in one gulp in the morning, able to cheer up and Wake up no worse than a contrast shower.

And again, movement is life, so he woke up, impossible to stop. Need shifting from foot to foot, dancing, moving around the house and preparing a delicious Breakfast. If desired, the boring exercises, you can replace the energetic dance and music. But do not overdo it with physical exercises immediately after waking up, you need to give the muscles some time to recover from sleep.