Advice 1: How to sell diamonds

The diamond is a faceted rough diamond among the precious stones he has no equal. Jewelry with diamonds are designed to emphasize the high social status of their owners. In recent time, diamonds are not only remain a luxury, but also become a profitable means of investing capital.
Investing in diamonds is always profitable and reliable
Before selling a diamond, please read the current legislation in the sphere of turnover of precious stones. More recently, diamonds were treated to currency values, and any transactions with them were punished by criminal liability. In Russia since 1998, legal aspects of transactions in precious stones is regulated by the law "On precious metals and precious stones".
Terms of sale of loose diamonds is set out in the government decree of the Russian Federation No. 55 of January 19, 1998. According to this document: "the Sale of a polished diamond made of natural diamond is carried out only in the presence of the certificate on each stone or set (batch) - selling stones". If the diamond you intend to sell, there is no certificate, pass it to an accredited laboratory for assessment by independent experts.
The issued certificate confirms the authenticity of the stone, captures its main characteristics (weight, colour, clarity, shape and quality of the cut). On the basis of expert opinion, you can learn the market value of the sold diamond. Use the domestic or foreign price list for diamonds.
A legitimate seller of diamonds can be a firm or an individual entrepreneur, a certificate of registration in the assay chamber. Therefore, any individual who sells diamonds, is obliged to use the services of the aforementioned intermediaries.
The transaction for the sale of the diamond will be considered lawful only in case, when together with the purchased goods the buyer will receive a receipt and a certificate in natural faceted diamond.

Advice 2 : How to sell a gemstone

The tradition to read the gems appeared in ancient Egypt and Rome. The Egyptians adorned themselves with emeralds, amethysts and turquoise, the Romans gave preference to diamonds. Now precious stones (particularly diamonds) are used not only as luxury jewelry, emphasizing the high status of their owner, but also as a means of capital investment.
How to sell a gemstone
You will need
  • certificate;
  • jewelry store.
Before selling the precious stone (diamond, emerald, etc.), carefully read the applicable laws, concerning the sphere of turnover of precious stones. More recently, the diamond belonged to currency values, and any transaction with him entailed criminal liability. Since 1998 in Russia legal aspects of any transactions made with precious stones, is regulated according to the law "On precious metals and precious stones".
Rules on the sale of loose gemstones detailed in the decree of the government of the Russian Federation No. 55 of January 19, 1998. According to this document, selling faceted gemstones are only subject to the availability of the certificate for each stone or set of stones sold. If the stone that you intend to sell, there is no such certificate, then pass it on reviewed by independent experts in an accredited laboratory.
This laboratory is issued a certificate confirming the authenticity of the gemstone and securing its main characteristics (color, weight, shape, quality of cut, cleanliness).
The results of the expert opinions you find out the market value of your stone. To determine the price of a gemstone, use the price list (
Become on the account in the Assay chamber. The fact that the legal seller of precious stones (particularly diamonds) can be an individual or a firm standing on the account in the organization. In General, the owner can not do.
Contact jewelry stores, and show the gems that you want to sell. Don't forget to take a certificate issued by an accredited laboratory, you must ask him. It is possible that your stone will once again test the experts working in organizations where the purchase of jewelry.
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