To select the most appropriate traffic, first determine the operator with which in the future will work. Different providers of Internet services, there are differences in the volume of packages provided by traffic, there are various bonuses, etc. Also, you need to know about the quality of the Internet connection of a particular operator in a particular place of residence - it may happen that due to a weak signal when the stated rate will be significantly lower real and work on the Internet will be impossible. This concerns especially those living in the private sector, outside the city.
After selecting the operator, the next step is the choice of directly qualified traffic. The easiest way to get information about all available packages on the official website of the company. Study in detail all the details of the provision of Internet services, and often important information is written in the footnotes and fine print that the majority of site visitors is paying attention.
Try to assume or to calculate exactly what the amount of information or even an estimated range of values in gigabytes you plan to send or receive from the Internet. Assessing your needs, choose the company provider possible packet one in which the total traffic coming to your specific requirements.
If accurately to determine the correct amount of transmission and receiving of data in a month is difficult, it is better to choose a few traffic with a large amount of several options under consideration. It will cost a bit more, but, first, the cost of 1 Gigabyte data when the increase in prepaid traffic is greatly reduced, and secondly, in excess of the paid-for monthly volume all the information in excess of the limit provided by the package, typically going to cost the user significantly more expensive, as is provided for other rates. Also, many companies have offers that allow you to pay only the amount of GB, which is really been used for a month, but this time on less favorable terms. It is beneficial to the users who use the Internet not always, but from time to time.
In any case, after working for a few months, it becomes more clear the necessary volume of traffic - and then you can change your plan to a more suitable one.