You will need
  • - warranty card;
  • - worn detail grinder.
When you buy a grinder ask the seller where can I buy spare parts for the selected model. Note the address of the service center and shop of spare parts in the operating instructions, if necessary, to find it quickly.
Easier to find spare parts for electric meat grinder, especially imported. Leading appliance manufacturers monitor the quality of their products and provide consumers with all the replacement parts.
First, contact the service center. Name the model of your grinder and order the item. If parts are in stock, get them.
In case of failure of defective parts grinder ask them to replace it free of charge if the warranty period has not expired. In this case, you must pre-examination which will prove that indeed there was a technical marriage.
In the specialty store of spare parts for household appliances show the worn part and name the brand and model of grinder. The seller will select the desired item or order it from the warehouse. This files most often out of order knives, so perhaps you will find similar parts to the grinder.
Find parts for a meat grinder imported via the Internet. Open the official website of the manufacturer of household appliances. In a special section find the necessary parts to grinder and make a purchase.
Spare parts for electric vehicles of Russian production try to look at specialized Internet stores working from manufacturers. If you have a broken chopper, a model which is not released, try to put similar items from more modern models.
Find spare parts mechanical grinder in hardware stores. Take a worn-out part on the spot and pick up a similar replacement. Mechanical grinder are manufactured to the same standard, so find spare blades, a lattice or the auger is not difficult.