You will need
  • - aluminum wire with diameters of 4 and 1 mm
  • cutters
  • - pliers
  • glue "Moment"
  • - hacksaw
  • cartridge for electric lamps with wire
Draw on paper a diagram of the shade, specify the size of all its elements. If you plan to get a shade cloth, you will need to make the frameneeded to maintain shape. For paper lamp will be sufficient to manufacture only the main ring.
Prepare an aluminum wire 4 mm in diameter. The length of a line, calculate by the formula: L = π D, where π has the value 3.14 and D is the diameter of the circle of the light, which you have drawn. To the resulting value L add 10 cm for the connection. A hacksaw cut the desired length of wire.
Making the lower ring, do overlap 5 cm, in this place tightly wrap the other wire diameter is 1 mm. To circumcision it is better to use clippers. Saturate the connection with glue "Moment" to give it strength, and give the element a rounded shape. On the same principle, make the top ring.
Now prepare the side edges of the frameand also using a wire of diameter 4 mm. For each edge measure the finished length, while adding 12 cm to the folds. Edges can be 8, 12, or 16, depending on the size of the lampshade.
Now fasten the edges on the main and upper rings. To do this, take the blank, bend it with pliers off 6 cm from the edge on each side, and firmly tied with a thin wire, as in the construction of the key rings. In the same way, saturate the joints with glue "Moment".
To attach the lamp socket to make a special suspension. Bend the loop of wire so that she was gripping the cartridge, and from it in opposite directions to disperse the ends. They will need to fix the suspension on the top ring in the same way as the ribs.
Metal frame is ready. You can wrapped up his fabric canvas. In order to prevent a fire in fabric lampshades, it is recommended to screw the light bulb with 100 watts.