The most optimal place to store documents that meets all the rules is definitely safe. However, if you are willing to spend time and money for its purchase and installation, you can store documents, for example, in a cell Bank. On the other hand, even in the apartment or house you can find the place where the documents were safe. It can be a Cabinet, cupboard, loft, bookshelf. For greater reliability the shelf can be ordered with a double bottom. In short here it all depends on your imagination and possibilities.
You can also split the documents into several parts and to put them in different hiding places. On the one hand this is convenient, since they are all located in secure facilities and even in case of theft, it is likely that most will remain in place.
But do not forget and about the second paragraph – easy accessibility. This is important in case of any emergency that will make all members of the family to quickly evacuate their home. It's important not to lose precious time and quickly pick up all the documents.
Speaking of separate storage of documents. Of course, if you structure it properly, time to find the necessary paper to leave less. But how to classify them? Probably the most advantageous solution here is to divide the paper into 4 "categories" - "house", "family", "work", "Finance". For each type you can make a separate folder. In addition, documents can be divided for supplies for each family member, or the size of the documents themselves - it all depends on your imagination.
It is the imagination will be the determining factor in deciding what is better to store documents. It can be various folders or separation of the portfolio. Folders it is better to buy different colors and be sure to sign to avoid confusion. Here is better to fold and duplicates of documents, as in any emergency, all necessary documents are at your fingertips.