You will need
  • Compressor, a large syringe with a thin metal string, safety pin, needle, soap, water.
First verify if there is liquid in the tank. If it poured, audit the entire system to exclude other potential problems. It is more convenient to do it together. One examines the other presses the lever turn signal / multifunction switch washer. Be sure to listen to the buzz if the motor glasswasher. Making sure it works, look under the hood, the point of attachment of the tubes going from the pump to the nozzles. Remove these hoses from the injectors. Check for clogging of the tube by pressing down on the lever washer. If you have the washer fluid flows, so will have to clean the injectors.
Dirt Packed into the nozzle, remove the washout. Disconnect the inlet hose. In a large syringe type of water. Rinse the nozzle in the opposite direction of the jet from the syringe. All the pollution will evolve along with the water from the opposite side.
Another option: a thin metal wire, for example, from a guitar, or a pin, a needle gently clean the hole of the nozzle as deeply as possible. Then the nozzle is even and flush with water from a syringe.
Another original proposal – blow a jet of high pressure air. Insert the injector tubes have been removed and the syringe sharply and squeeze air. Or use for the same purpose, the automobile compressor connected to the cigarette lighter.
If none of this help, without disassembling not to manage. In order to properly clean the nozzle, remove the device from the machine. Lift the hood. Disconnect the hoses. Inside squeeze latch-petals injector carefully, so as not to damage the paint and pull it out.
Soak the nozzle in soapy water overnight. Then carefully rinse. If the device is disassembled, remove the bushing. Remove the spring and ball. All rinse thoroughly, dry and assemble again.
The installation of the nozzles, proceed in the reverse order of removal.
Contact the service center. Specialists for a reasonable price check all fluids, windshield washing system in your car and fix the problems.