Collect the documents necessary for registration of a cash register. It consists of a technical passport, the passport model passport ackles, service contract equipment enclosed in the technical service Centre.
After this you need to make the book "Cashier-operator" in the form KM-4 and the book "call Accounting technicians" in the form KM-8. You will also need registration and incorporation documents of the company and the lease or sale of the premises, which will set the cash register.
Write a application for registration of a cash register in the prescribed form. The form of this document can be found in the Internet or ask in the tax office. Do not forget to specify the settlement account of the enterprise and put the reference number of the correspondence.
Submit all the documents to the tax office. Individual entrepreneurs are turning to IFNS the Russian Federation at the place of residence and the organization at the place of installation the cash register.
Please appear at the appointed time to the tax office with a cash register for its verification. The examination should be conducted in the presence of the mechanics of the service Center, so in advance to notify the company about its date. It should be noted that on the account can be supplied only those models of cash registers, which are listed in the State register KCP and equipped with the block electronic journal.
Wait for the scan cash register. Within five days after that, he will be entered in the "Ledger register" and you will receive "registration Card register". This will return all originals of previously submitted documents. The registration procedure is complete, and you can safely operate the cash register.