At the beginning of its existence, the site "Vkontakte" has provided an opportunity to draw graffiti on your wall or friend's wall. In this format one message consisted of only one graffiti drawing. With the development of the site have the opportunity to put on the wall pictures and photos from your own computer or photo album Vkontakte.
In order to post on wall, friend photos and pictures do not need to use extraneous programs that increase the risk of infecting your computer with virus. The website "Vkontakte" provides its users with the ability to work with multimedia messages. To post on wall, friend picture, open the page. Click on the column "Write" message". Click "Attach," which is just below a text entry field. You will see a list of functions, which let you the user in their privacy settings. Usually, friends have the right to post on the wall, text messages, music, videos and photos. Additional features you will see sending graffiti, card or document.
Functions send the message, select "Send picture" and click on it with the left mouse button. Now you can choose the picture you want to share with someone. If it's a photo from one of your albums, just search for it in the list of images. Click on the desired image with the left mouse button, and it will immediately appear on your friend's wall. If the photo you do not like, click on the x located in the upper-right corner, and the picture will be deleted. If you decide to send it, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the message. If it required a comment, leave it just above the text input field. Hit "Send" and the picture with the caption will appear on your friend's wall.
If you want to upload an image from your computer, click on the "Attach" under the entry field of the message. Select "Attach a photo" to open the list of images press the "Browse" button, and then enter the path to the image on your computer. After selecting the picture, click "Show". After a few seconds the photo will be uploaded on the website and will be available for posting on the wall. If necessary, leave her signature, and click "Send" to save a message on a friend's wall.
In one of the posts on the wall you can post multiple photos, graffiti or music, leaving a comment, if you need it.