You will need
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • - the range;
  • a pair of compasses.
Direct circular cylinder is defined by two quantities: the base radius R and height of the cylinder H. Knowing the radius of the circle lying at the base of the cylinder, it is easy to compute the circumference of the base. This value is necessary to build a scanner. It is equal to L = 2NR, where Π=3,14159.
Any cylinder has two bases and the lateral surface. In a right circular cylinder both bases are circles. Side surface while unrolling it onto the plane looks like a rectangle with sides L (length of the circumference of the base) and H (height of cylinder). Thus, the scan of a right circular cylinder contains a rectangle and two circles.
Construct with compass two of the same circle of radius R. Then use the ruler and pencil, draw a rectangle with length H and height L = 2NR. Provide fields for the bonding of the figure. It is convenient to make a long strip for gluing on one side H of the rectangle and a small triangular field on both sides of the L. the Total sweep look at the picture.