Remember that the service "Active help" that allows you to transfer units to the number of another subscriber of Activ, active by default. However, if you disable this service on your phone to re-enable it, you need to dial the combination *123*3*5*4#. Then you need to confirm the inclusion of "Active assistance" by pressing the appropriate button.
Forward units with the asset to the asset via the menu "Infopark". To do this, dial the number *123*3*5*3#. Then, specify the number of the subscriber you want to give the units, and enter their number. Wait for an SMS message, which will show the confirmation code. Send it to the desired number. After a few seconds the unit will go to the recipient.
Use the USSD menu for conversion of units. Dial *141#, then enter the destination number and the number Tarasevich units. Confirm the transaction and will receive a reply SMS-message, which will include the transfer amount and the balance on the account.
Turn units with a single command line. To do this, enter the following combination: *143*1*770- the destination number*number of units# and press the call button.
Examine a number of conditions to forward units of the asset the asset. It can be no more than 10 times a day in amounts ranging from 50 to 2,000 units during the month you can donate up to 5,000 units. To send this gift, the sender must have a total of at least 50 units. One translation is of 7.07 units which are automatically removed from the resulting transfer. The service is available in roaming.
Request units. For this Infopart enter the combination *123*3*5*2# or USSD *141#, then enter the destination number and the amount of units. This service is available even with zero balance, and the query is valid for 24 hours from the time of dispatch.