Advice 1: How to align a tooth without braces

Uneven teeth and malocclusion problems are very common. It is best to solve these problems in childhood or adolescence, while the jaw has not yet fully formed. The most popular way of solving these problems are braces, but not every child and teenager (and adult) is ready a year or two to wear on their teeth is not too beautiful a piece of iron. In this article you will be able to learn about alternative ways of straightening teeth.
How to align a tooth without braces
If the child showed an overbite, then try to fix it without using braces. First of all, consult with your orthodontist. It can remove all the necessary options (make a mold), and then for a child to manufacture a special device called a trainer. Trainer is a device that a child will wear every day for a certain amount of time – first for a few minutes, and then for a few hours, possibly overnight. With the help of trainers, you can correct the bite and align the teeth.
Consult the orthodontist, and maybe he will advise you to wear a special dental plate. They are also made by the models, individually for each patient. They are usually worn on the upper jaw. Records effectively correct not too strong changes of occlusion and curvature of the teeth. Plate is much cheaper than correcting the teeth with braces, it is much more convenient because the plate can be removed at any time.
Another way of correcting the teeth without braces that you can use is a special mouthguard. For the manufacture of trays with jaw the cast is removed. Kappa is a transparent caps put on teeth. In addition to Kappa the curvature of the teeth will be completely invisible, thanks to the special shape of the trays for each tooth under particular pressure, so the tooth is gradually corrected. First, for the manufacture of kapow with both jaws removed casts. Then made real (gypsum) and a 3D model of the jaw, in accordance with which we make Kappa. Advantages of kapow a lot, but the main disadvantage is the price. They are much more expensive than even the same braces and not every family budget can afford such a waste.
You can try and this method of correcting the teeth, as restoration. This is also a very expensive procedure, and for the price it will be equal to the cost of dental implants-metal. However, this procedure does not harm the teeth, recommended for all without exception and allows for only one day to correct the appearance of teeth. Additionally, the teeth in this procedure are usually a bit more bleach. That is, for a fee, you can get smooth beautiful and healthy teeth in just one day.
The beauty and health of your teeth!
Bite correction without braces is the way that looking for many people who want to cure the defects of the bite. Until relatively recently, the bite correction without braces was not very common. Orthodontics today offers methods and technologies, and a wide selection of removable orthodontic appliances to correct the bite without braces.
Useful advice
Methods of treatment without braces are not used in the treatment of complicated defects of dentition in adolescents and in adults. When the dental system was formed, to influence its formation is impossible, you can only fix some defects. So basically the children are used to correct malocclusion without braces, as in childhood affect the formation of dental system quite effectively and relatively quickly.

Advice 2: As in photoshop to align the teeth

To align the teeth in the picture suitable combination of the Liquify filter with the Clone Stamp tool. To always have at hand the edited image in its original form, all changes should be applied to copies of the background layer.
As in photoshop to align the teeth
You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • photography.
Option Open the File menu, load the Photoshop that you want to work. Ctrl+J to duplicate the only layer from which the document consists. Moving the right controller in the Navigator palette, zoom in viewing photos.
Visible gaps between teeth, or diagonal chips can be masked with the help of the Liquify filter, which offers a window option from the Filter menu. Selecting the tool Freeze Mask, paint with it, the lips on the photos. This way you will be able to protect them from deformation.
Apply Liquify to mask the cracks in your teeth makes sense if the area you want to hide is not more than a quarter of the width of the nearest tooth. Otherwise the result will not look natural. Before starting, mask Freeze Mask tool one of the teeth near the correct interval, and the slit half-width.
Turn on the Forward Warp tool and adjust its options in the Tool Options. Adjust Brush Size so that the brush tool was the size of a single tooth, located near the masked defect. All other parameters set to the maximum value. Place the pointer to free from the mask of the tooth and slide it towards the gap.
Tool Thaw Mask erase the mask from the tooth. Switching to Freeze Mask, paint over just the edited portion of photo. The Forward Warp tool, move the tooth, from which you just removed the mask in the direction of the gap. Having achieved an acceptable result, click on the OK button.
Diagonal gouges and large gaps between teeth can be corrected with the Clone Stamp tool. Ctrl+Shift+N insert a picture on top of the new layer, which will be the corrective elements, and in the settings tool, enable the option to Sample all layers.
Select the area of the photo by copying the part of which you will be able to close the defect. Click on the found field, hold down Alt. Go into the edit fragment and draw it on top of the copied area. Because you are working on a new layer, nothing will prevent you to delete unnecessary fragments, if they came from under the brush tool. Turn on the Eraser Tool and remove the unwanted parts of the picture.
Chipped area can be masked copy of the other half of the same tooth, the reflected horizontally. Turn on the Lasso tool, circle the undamaged area of the photo and paste it on a new layer. Option Flip Horizontal Transform group Edit menu will reflect the copied section. The Move tool move it to the desired location and, if necessary, erase the extra fragments.
Save the retouched photos option Save As File menu.

Advice 3: How to align front teeth

Bad teeth spoil the whole impression from the exterior and can even visually age of its owner for several years. Good that you can align the front teeth at any age. You only need to take seriously this issue.
How to align front teeth
To become an owner of a perfect smile, it is necessary to take preventive measures. Very often children and adolescents do not want to brush my teeth, go to the dentist or wear plate. Such stubbornness can lead to problems with malocclusion and jaw in adulthood.

Do it all the time

The easiest way to align the teeth in the home in childhood. An adult is unlikely to want to "brighten" your smile with braces. Parents need to closely, when out of the milk teeth begin to erupt root. It often happens that the first have not time to fall, and the second because of this growing curves. Basically, it is the case with posterior teeth and incisors. To avoid this, you need to remove milk teeth as soon as they start to stagger.

Which braces to choose

In case of insufficient prevention of curvature in childhood to align front teeth and bite will help of orthodontic braces braces. They're better than the album, which is easy to remove, lose or break and not put on one tooth. Braces on average are from one to three years, without removing. In the process of wearing, you must visit the dentist to tighten braces, directing a crooked tooth in the desired direction. Braces help align teeth at home at any age, made of ceramics, synthetic sapphire, plastic and metal. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. More fragile plastic is used for small children. Sapphire prevents the accumulation of plaque and the growth of microbes. Ceramics is disguised as the color of the enamel. The most popular metal because of its availability and low price, but can irritate the gums.

How to do without braces

Mothers of preschoolers often ask how to align teeth without braces. For young patients dentists offer removable trays or plates designed for fragile and rare teeth of young children. A mouth guard is a transparent insert of polymers, contour of the jaws and palate. The plate is removed at night and does not irritate the gums. To fabricate a mouth guard have to do an impression of the tooth, after performing the jaw. Children's plates are made from silicone and equipped with an expanding arc, the alignment of the teeth without direct contact with them. For adults, whose teeth are already well-established, the capacitor will be useless, since they do not straighten the teeth, and only temporarily fix them in position. Therefore, to align teeth without braces Mature people will not succeed.

Advice 4: How to fix an overbite without doctors

Not everyone is from nature to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Of course, without a doctor to correct the bite effect can be achieved only minimal. But still there are ways.
How to fix an overbite without doctors

Self-straightening teeth at home

Folk remedies that help to correct the bite in the home, today practically does not exist. In ancient times, conducted some experiments, but they produced no positive effects.

One of the famous ancient way of straightening teeth is slacking a thread. While at the patient's head was placed a saucer of water. But, as it later turned out, it was just a way of tricking wealthy people in order to enrich. Yes, and the method, I must say, quite wild because a lot of unpleasant pain. In any case, self-straightening of the teeth with objects of any kind can threaten the health of people with serious consequences.

Exercises for correcting the bite

Physical exercises for correction of malocclusion is the most reliable and safest way of teeth straightening. There is a set of exercises designed by dentists. It can be easily done at home. But to do the exercises regularly, not intermittently, only then they will give the maximum effect in the alignment of the teeth.

For children and adolescents whose jaw has not yet fully formed, this method will be most effective. Perform daily set of exercises for children should be monitored by their parents. To perform each exercise, 2-3 times a day.

1. Widely open mouth. Then, observing the rhythm, close your mouth and open short jerky movements.

2. The tip of the tongue touch the palate. In this position, slide the tongue back up until I can move it. After holding the language that is rhythmically close and open your mouth.

3. On the palm of any hand, place the chin, the elbow at this point should be on the table. Next, go to the alternate opening and closing of the mouth, but subject to one caveat: the movements should take part the head, and not the lower jaw.

The efficiency will be higher if exercises to perform, not 2-3, and five or six times a day. Every day you need to give the jaws the load, for example, to eat solid foods and vegetables. Hope that exercises for the correction of the bite will make the teeth perfectly even, stupid. They should be treated as a preventive measure, the performance of which is small.

If you decide to try this method of correcting the bite, it is still better to consult with your dentist. Sometimes people just forget to do the exercises daily. In this case, it can be useful to trainers - device for correcting the teeth. They can be purchased at any pharmacy or specialty store. They are ideal for correcting the bite at home.
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