You will need
  • - antispasmodic drugs;
  • - painkillers;
  • - essential oils: lavender, rosemary, rosewood, ylang-ylang.
Determine the cause and eliminate it. Often, attacks of migraine occur due to harmful habits such as Smoking and alcohol consumption, excessive physical and emotional stress, lack of sleep and rest. Also migraine can be a side effect of various drugs. For example, oral contraceptives in some women cause migraines, while others, on the contrary, facilitate the attack. Analyze which of these factors can take place in your life, and correct the situation.
Take drugs. It is advisable to do with the first malaise and the beginning of the stroke, this will help if not prevent, then at least ease. You can take antispasmodic, analgesic drugs or those that narrow the blood vessels.
Avoid what provokes the pain. This is usually foods such as chocolate, coffee, oranges, cheese and red wine. Also aggravates an attack of bright light and noise. Repair all this to reduce the pain.
Make a compress. Some help to apply cold compress on neck and forehead, and tight bandaging of the head. It can be combined with feet steaming in hot water.
Relax. Very often the pain goes away during sleep, so it is advisable to sleep. Take the medication with sedative effect, turn the lights off (closes the curtains) and open the window to the room was coolness and freshness.
Migraine is accompanied by vomiting, and when it is too strong, it would be wise to induce vomiting. Due to this, the attack can pass or at least a little to relieve myself.
Make massage. If possible, let someone close. But in the absence of helpers you can do self-massage of neck, shoulders and head – it will promote good circulation of blood that your brain needs.
Take a contrast shower. It causes the blood vessels in tone that can ease the condition.
Use aromatic oils. Really have to work hard to find the ones that suit you. They have different action and different effects on the body. When migraine in oil burner to vaporise the oil of lavender, rosemary, rosewood, ylang-ylang.