You will need
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
On a sheet of paper in the upper right corner write the name of the court, which will be forwarded to the application. Below should be provided information about the plaintiff. If an individual, it is necessary to write the surname, name, patronymic, address of residence and telephone number; if the plaintiff is an organization, its name and address. In the case of filing a claim by the representative of the organization must also specify its surname, name, patronymic and contact information. Under the data of the plaintiff, enter the name and address of the defendant.
In the middle write the title of the document "Counter claim statement" explaining what will be discussed.
Then in details describe the problem, specific information about the violation or attempt of violation of the rights or interests of the plaintiff. Also justify the legitimacy of his claim, describing the circumstances constituting the grounds for your disagreement with the claim of the opponent that you write the answer. Refer to the points of law and other normative acts as proof of your innocence.
After you describe all the details of the problem, write the word "Please". Next, point by point, list your requirements to the Respondent. Write what actions you expect from the court in resolving the dispute.
Next, list all attached to the claim documents to be used as evidence.
Attach to the claim all the necessary documents: a copy of the claim in accordance with the number of defendants; the power of attorney if someone represents your interests in court; the payment receipt of state duty for submission of the application; documents confirming the circumstances on which the plaintiff bases its claims.
Put your signature and the date of writing of the claim. One copy you must give the defendant and the other to a third person in case of his participation in the judicial proceedings.
Take the claim statement to the office of the arbitration court and wait till the document will not be accepted for consideration.