To obtain the inheritance you are entitled to two cases: the will made by the deceased or by law. Legitimate reasons usually are close relatives. Therefore, in the case when the heirs are two or more, the property is distributed according to the court decision.
There are several types of claims to court of inheritance. It could be the disclaimer of the inheritance, the inclusion of the property in the inheritance, about the finding of the inheritance and heirs. The main thing is to specify correctly the name of the application that the document is a judicial authority was in the "right hands".
The name of the application is written in the middle, after making the introductory part, i.e. the "cap". The very same "hat" decided to put in the right (or left) upper corner. Write application on A4 with a pen (blue or black) or use computer - both variants are acceptable.
Write in the introductory unit in order: the name of the court in which you are applying General information about the claimant, the representative (if any) and the defendant. The concept of a General information includes such data as name, surname, middle name, actual address, the actual phones and faxes.
The contents of the main part of the application is divided into two parts. First you in detail and correctly describe the situation related to inheritance, and secondly, to clearly set out your requirements in relation to the plaintiff and the court.
Describing the situation, do not forget that your claim of inheritance must contain evidence of the fact that the opening of the inheritance (death certificate) and your right to receive it (the will, or the documents confirming the kinship with the deceased). Attach other documents and their copies, including a copy of the application. Your signature and sign the document at the notary.