Given that kids have a sweet tooth, chop the bitter pill into a powder and mix it with the stuffing of candy. It is better suited candy filled with jam. Carefully remove from candy, piece of chocolate, trying not to crumble, mix the powder with jam, cover with chocolate, wrap it in the wrapper and will treat your child.
For a child who was not yet 3 years old, crushed the pill necessarily dissolve in the liquid. It is best suitable for this compote, sweet syrup or even plain water with sugar. It is not recommended to use mineral water and juices that can reduce the effectiveness or change the drug.
If the baby spat out the tablet, in any case, do not add powder optional - you can overdose on the medication that can have serious consequences. Also in this case, it is not recommended to increase the frequency of taking the pills. To change the regimen and dosage assigned to your child the drug can only be a doctor!
If you give the child bitter medicine still fails, try to play with him in the hospital. To do this, sit near a toddler his favorite toy and tell her that she was sick. Spend together with the child the examination of the "patient" and be sure to assign him the medicine. Show how bear or doll take it, and ask the kid to open her mouth to drink the pill. Most likely, this approach will lead to the desired result.
In order to achieve the goal, you can go to another trick and write your baby's story, for example, about a kind doctor named Tablet which helps all the sick kids to deal with their illness. But be sure to note that the doctor is difficult to deal with it alone, so children need several times a day to take not very tasty, but very important for recovery drug. Maybe after this tale the child will desire to drink a bitter pillto together with fantastic doctor to defeat the disease.